Advance Your Food Blogging Dream

Is cooking one of your passions? Have you ever wondered how to start a food blog to share it with the world? Does fear hold you back?

Maybe you already have a food blog, but you feel stuck and the learning curve feels too steep. You wish someone would just. Tell. You. How. To. Do. It. Already.

If any of the above described you, then Confessions of a Food Blogger is here to help!

Food Blogging Resources

Confessions of a Food Blogger is a resource for food bloggers. On this blog, you’ll find:

  • Helpful articles full of detailed information about starting a food blog, writing good blog posts, marketing your food blog and how to make money with a food blog.
  • A series of affordable, topic-specific course modules focusing single subjects to help you get answers to the narrow questions that threaten to thwart your food blogging dreams.
  • A member’s only food blogger forum where you can post food-blog related questions and get answers from your fellow food bloggers.

Why Confessions of a Food Blogger is the Best Resource for Food Blogging

Why is Confessions of a Food Blogger such a great resource? Because it’s owned and operated by a food blogger!

My name is Kate and I am the creator of Herbivore’s Kitchen, a vegan food blog author of 5-Ingredient Vegan Cooking, my new vegan cookbook. As I was starting and growing my food blog, I grew frustrated with the amount of dated “how to blog” information on the web. And so little of it was food blogger specific. As I learned each tip and trick on my own, I decided to share what I’d learned with you — my fellow food bloggers. And that’s how Confessions of a Food Blogger was born!

So if fear, confusion or being just being overwhelmed has been holding you back from your food blogging dreams, I invite you to dig into this how to become a food blogger resource and get started!