The Best Blogging Courses for Food Bloggers

How to Become a Food Blogger & Take Your Food Blog to New Heights

Are you wondering how to start a food blog? Or maybe you want to grow a food blog that you already have. Perhaps starting a food blog has always been a dream of yours and deep, deep down you want it to be the beginning of a career change. Or maybe you just want your love of food to become a source of some additional income? Mama knows that Vitamix is expensive! 

If any of these describe you, then I have the food blogging course (or courses) for you! 

How to Become a Food Blogger & Take Your Food Blog to New Heights

Why Pay for Food Blogging Courses When YouTube is Free? 

Yes, it is possible to find some of this information for free on the internet. There are YouTube videos for just about every conceivable topic. With enough dedication, you can patch together an online education for free. 

Be careful though, there are some big pitfalls to this approach: 

Information Is Rarely Organized

You end up spending half your time clicking from one link to the link to find the information you need. When I started blogging, it didn’t take me long to figure out that my most precious resource is time. When you’re learning a new skill, t’s worth it to find a single, trustworthy source and get ‘er done. 

Trust Is Critical

One blogging guru might tell you to go right while the very next article you read suggests going left. Who’s right? Surfing the Internet to find articles on navigating social media algorithms can actually put you in a worse position. It’s imperative to find a trusted source and place your bet. 

Best Practices Are Too-Often Dated

This is a HUGE problem. Articles on the internet are often not dated, making it impossible to determine if the information you’re getting is relevant. Algorithms change and you might actually be hurting your new food blogging business by following old advice. 

If you still choose this route, I totally understand. New bloggers are often on a pretty tight budget and paying for a course might not be possible. In fact, I’m rooting for you no matter what! If you’re trying to keep your expenses to a minimum, I have plenty of free articles on my website to help you along the way. And, just as I do for my courses, I routinely sweep through them to keep them up do date. 

How to Become a Food Blogger & Take Your Food Blog to New Heights

Why These Are the Best Blogging Courses for Food Bloggers

Well… I’m a food blogger. I built my vegan food blog, Herbivore’s Kitchen, from scratch. It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Believe me when I say: my food blog is my baby. And I know that yours is too. So, you can rest assured that I take giving blogging advice very seriously. 

I built Confessions of a Food Blogger to fill one of my own needs. I was constantly seeking out high-quality, detailed How To Blog Courses at an affordable price. And by affordable, I mean a price that would pay for itself eventually with the new skills that I acquired. I just couldn’t find that sweet spot. So… I built it! 

Here are some of benefits to taking my Best Blogging Courses for Food Bloggers: 

My Blogging Essentials Are Tried and Tested

I won’t give you any advice that I don’t follow myself. And because my blog depends on it, I keep my ear to the ground on new developments in the blogging space. I’m constantly keeping up with algorithm changes and new blogging strategies. And you can be the beneficiary of all this reconnaissance work. All you have to do is take one of my blogging classes. 

My Food Blogging Courses Are Thorough

One of my biggest pet peeves is signing up, paying for and taking a class only to find the information really thin. Like, not helpful it’s so thin. I’m into details. For example, if you take my How to Become a Micro Influencer, I’ll give you all the tools you need: a clear definition of what it means to be a micro influencer, the pros and cons, how to find sponsored content clients, how to develop a rate card, how to negotiate a contract and what steps to take after creating sponsored content. 

Specific Course Content Modules 

We’re all in different places on different paths on our food blogging journey. If you’re a food blogging beginner, then you’re likely not interested in purchasing an expensive, all-encompassing food blogging course. It won’t be helpful to learn how to improve upon existing blog posts if you’re just wondering whether you should set up your food blog on Wix or WordPress (freebie: the answer is WordPress). 

Likewise, if you’re an established food blogger with a huge Instagram following, but you just can’t figure Pinterest out, then you should be able to take a class specific to how food bloggers can use Pinterest effectively. 

Help is on the Way! 

Unlike many online course providers, I offer support. When you sign up for one of my blogging course modules, you’ll have the option to subscribe to my member’s only forum. Members can post questions as they arise and receive answers from me (as well as other group members). Group members can pick accountability partners or just ask for feedback from the membership at large. 

My Money Back Guarantee

Look… if you purchase one of my blogging courses and it’s just not what you thought, I will give you your money back if you put in a request within twenty-four (24) hours of purchase. I only ask that you provide me with feedback though and that you’re genuine. I’m a sole proprietor. If you buy the course, take it and then ask for your money back… well… karma sucks. 

My Founder’s Pricing

That’s right! If you’re one of the early birds to a new food blogging course release, you’ll get my special Founder’s pricing. Why? Because I need you to take the class and give me your feedback. Did something I said confuse you? I want to know so that I can fix it. And, I’ll give you 50% off the sticker price for your services. 

Founder’s pricing is available for the first 48 hours after a new course release, so it’s a limited opportunity. To make sure that you’re in the know, be sure to sign up for my Confessions of a Food Blogger newsletter

I’m Rooting For You!

And finally, as I said above. I am rooting for you. Whether you’re just getting started and want to know how to write a blog post, or if you’re well on your way and want to start courting sponsored post clients, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. 

If you’re here, our stories are probably pretty similar (you can check out mine on my About Me page). Maybe the way you spend your days leaves you feeling unfilled and you want a new career.  Or, you really need a creative outlet. You’re short on time and full of ideas, but you don’t know how to execute on them. Believe me – been there

How to Become a Food Blogger & Take Your Food Blog to New Heights

Check Out My Best Blogging Courses for Food Bloggers Course Collection!

If that list doesn’t convince you, maybe my best blogging courses for food bloggers course collection will! I have a variety of course offerings all at affordable prices. If how to start a food blog is a question that’s been on your mind, it’s time to get started!

After all, you know what they say:

The Best Blogging Courses for Food Bloggers