Advance Your Food Blogging Dreams

Are you a foodie? Do you dream about starting a career in food blogging? Perhaps you already have a food blog, but want to take it from hobby to a full-time job.

Confessions of a Food Blogger is a resource for all food bloggers. Whether you’re just getting started, don’t know where to start or are looking for ways to grow your food blog into something bigger, you’ll find a wealth of information (and your people) here!

In Partnership with Herbivore’s Kitchen

My name is Kate Friedman and Confessions of a Food Blogger is the sister blog to Herbivore’s Kitchen, my popular vegan food blog.

I’ve been food blogging for several years now. And while I love everything about food blogging, I might like learning how to food blog even more. Seriously, solving for SEO and tackling the latest algorithm changes brings me joy. And don’t even get me started on monetization. I could geek out on ways to make money as a food blogger All. Day. Long.

Confessions of a Food Blogger Creator Kate Friedman

Confessions of a Food Blogger is my way of bringing this passion to you, my fellow food blogger. Believe me, I know how hard it is to navigate building a food blog and grow an audience on social media all while developing recipes, cooking, shopping, photographing and editing. Especially if you’re a one-man show, as most of us are.

What You’ll Find On Confessions of a Food Blogger

Confessions of a Food Blogger is a blog, yes. But it’s a super blog.

So what makes a super blog? A lot of information! Whether you learn by reading in-depth articles, watching quick snippet videos or taking long-form online courses, you’ll find answers to all of your burning questions here. And if you don’t? Well, send me an email using the form at the bottom and I’ll add it to the list of topics to cover!

Designed with the Self-Starter Food Blogger in Mind

Like you, I am grassroots all the way. Ain’t no investors propping this food blog operation up! I know what it’s like to have a limited budget, limited time and a steep learning curve, so I designed Confessions of a Food Blogger to be one-stop shopping for all your food blogging needs.

One of the things I found (find) most frustrating about starting and managing a food blog is the search for reputable, vetted information. Sure, there are YouTube channels and How to Blog posts galore out there. Most of them aren’t specifically designed for a food blog. On top of that you never really know if the information you’re getting is well-researched, current and effective.

All of the information you find on Confessions of a Food Blogger is researched and tested. That is, I use what I’ve learned my own food blog. You won’t find me promoting ideas, strategies and tactics that I don’t use myself. If something changes, I update it quickly.

Articles, Videos, Courses & Interviews — Oh My!

When I tackle a food blogging topic, I try and cover it from every angle. Whether you prefer to keep your expenses low and learn from a free article or you’re ready to take the next step and take some courses, I’ve got you covered. Here’s what you’ll find:

Free Blogging Tips

You’ll find many free in-depth articles here, ranging in topics from How to Start a Food Blog to Creating Content for Your Food Blog to How to Market Your Food Blog.

If you’re really into one-stop shopping and want to advance your food blog more quickly, then consider signing up for my All-Access Membership. For a low monthly subscription fee, you can get access to my Premium Content.

Want Me to Cover a Food Blog Topic?

Is there a specific topic that you’d like me to cover? Please let me know! I’m often driven by the suggestions I receive when planning out my editorial calendar. Shoot me a note below and let me know!