Food Blogger Resources

Is food your passion? Is starting a food blog one of your dreams? Or perhaps you have a food blog that you want to take to the next level? If any of this describes you, then Confessions of a Food Blogger’s Food Blogger Resources is a great way to learn!

My name is Kate and I’m the creator of the vegan blog, Herbivore’s Kitchen. Confessions of a Food Blogger is my sister site. Here, I cover a wide variety of topics to help you start your food blog! Of course, if you already have a food blog, I want to help you grow it into a profitable business!

In these articles, you’ll learn how to conduct SEO research to write SEO-rich blog posts, market your blog on social media and make money through your food blog.

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Food Blogger Resources: Article Categories

How to Start a Food Blog

Articles in the How to Start a Food Blog section cover topics relevant to the beginner blogger. In this category you’ll find things like: what to expect when starting a food blog, what plugins are worth it, whether its truly free & how to structure your time.

How to Create Content for Your Food Blog

Once you have the basic structure of your food blog set up, it’s time to starting creating content! In this category, I’ll cover topics like how to choose topics for your food blog, how to conduct SEO research, how to write an SEO-rich blog post and how to create engaging media for your food blog!

How to Market a Food Blog

Let people know how great your food blog is! This category covers topics like selecting which social media platforms you’ll want to focus on, setting up your social media accounts and how to grow your blog through social media and more traditional media (like magazine articles and cookbooks!)

How to Make Money as a Food Blogger

The million dollar question! How do you make money with your food blog? There are a lot of ways, actually. In this category, you’ll find articles about selling sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, whether you should join an ad network, setting up meal plans and selling downloadable content.

Food Blogger Resources: Topic-Specific Courses

If you want to jump right in, then consider taking one of my topic-specific courses! These Best Blogging Courses Modules are highly detailed and thorough. And, by signing up for one of my courses, you’ll be eligible to purchase a subscription to my members’ only food blogger forum where I’ll answer your food blogger related questions or you can consult with other food bloggers about questions that you have!