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Blog Post Ideas That Double as the Writer’s Block Cure

This Blog Post Ideas That Double as the Writer’s Block Cure: Blog Topics to Write About When You’re in a Creative Rut post includes affiliate linksWhen I find a great product or service, I like to share it with my readers. Sometimes I use affiliate links so I can earn a commission for my recommendations. Thank you for your support!

Blog Topics to Write About When You’re in a Creative Rut

Note: This Blog Post Ideas That Double as the Writer’s Block Cure: Blog Topics to Write About When You’re in a Creative Rut post is written in the context of promoting a food blog. However, the tips and tricks provided herein are applicable across the board.

If you’ve been blogging for a length of time, I’m sure that you’ve felt like you’ve run out of blog topics to write about. Probably more than once.

Coming up with blog post ideas and, by extension, social media content, is a constant necessity. It’s no wonder that finding new blog topics to write about, researching them and then writing complete blog posts can lead to creative droughts. And when that happens, you need a writer’s block cure. Stat.  

Having an off day doesn’t necessarily mean that your channels have to go dark though. In this blog post, I share my best blog topics to write about while you wait for your creative juices to start flowing again.

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Blog Post Ideas to Avoid

As I’ve said before, you never want to write a blog post just for the sake of putting something up on your blog. Even in-between posts, those that you produce around strikes of intense creativity, need to serve a purpose and meet your readers’ needs. To talk for the sake of doing so is a good way to lose your following.

Hint: You’ve Already Written on the Best Blog Post Ideas

The good news is, if you’ve been true to this rule, you likely have a lot of really good blog topics to write about already. Like every successful musical artist already knows – they just need to be repackaged into your greatest hits.

In blogging, a greatest hits list is the gift that keeps on giving and the surefire writer’s block cure. Taking a trip? Have jury duty? Just need a day off? No problem – give your readers your 8 Best Crockpot Recipes, Top 10 30-Minute Meals or Favorite Dairy-Free Soups.

The Benefits of “Best of” Blog Post Ideas

Offering up a list of existing recipes as new blog topics to write about has all kinds of benefits.

It’s the Easiest of Blog Post Ideas

First, it’s really easy to put together. You’ll only need an introduction, a brief summary of each recipe and a conclusion. Even on days when you’re rushed or you’re coming up short on blog topics to write about, it’s easy to put these pieces together.

For SEO reasons, you don’t want to do a cut-and-paste job from your already-existing blog posts. Tempting as it may be, don’t just pull the introductory paragraph from each of blog posts referenced in your new blog post. Take the time to write a new summary or pull from your Pinterest descriptions or Instagram captions.

Blogging Courses for Food Bloggers

Writer’s Block Cure & SEO Goldmine

Second, repurposing older content into new blog topics to write about often leads to an SEO homerun.  Plural nouns are often more highly searched than their singular counterparts. For example, a quick search of “soup recipe” on Moz shows a monthly search volume of 6.5k-9.3k. But add a “s” to that (making it soup recipes) and suddenly the monthly volume jumps to 70k-118k.

This sort of blog post is a great opportunity to boost traffic to your blog, so take the time to do the SEO research before you put your best of blog post together. Make sure that you include your keywords in the title, subtitles, throughout the text and with the ALT text.

Blogging Tips & Tricks

Not sure what SEO means or how to do it? Make sure you check out my Blogger’s Guide to Keyword Research blog post.

New Imagery is Easy When Solving for Blog Topics to Write About

Finally, most of your imagery is already done or is readily available to be repurposed into new imagery. And plenty of it.

Lists of these sorts offer up a great way to reuse existing media by making just a few tweaks. Make a banner image using three or four images from your top 10. Change the overlay on an existing Pinterest Pin and you’re well on your way to Fresh Pin status.

So Many Possible Blog Post Ideas

While titles like Top 10 Vegetarian Meals or The Best Cookie Recipes might come to mind quickly when you’re thinking of blog topics with write about, try to get creative with your lists. For example, when I search for recipes, it’s often because I have an ingredient that I need to use up. Consider making an ingredient-specific list, like 8 Great Chickpea Recipes or 10 Ways to Serve Spaghetti Squash.

How to Keep These “Best of” Blog Post Ideas Fresh

There are a lot of ways to do this – you can add a slideshow for visitors to scroll through or create a collage. I really like creating colorful and graphically interesting number icons for my list-focused blog posts. It helps to break up the text and catch my reader’s eye.

These Blog Post Ideas Need Links Too!

This is probably obvious – you don’t want to showcase a variety of recipes that aren’t easy to find, so be sure to link to the original blog posts. I like to add links to my images and titles, so there’s no question that my visitors can find what they’re looking for.

Internal links serve another purpose though, and that’s to assist search engines in understanding and indexing your blog. So be sure to include them often and double check to make sure that they work properly.

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